Reading with Kat

Working Mother Book Blogger

My name is Katrina (or Kat) and I live in Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes (UK). I am in my thirties, I have two children aged 9 years and 4 years old, I am married and work full time at a University.

I am a blogger. I have a food blog: and this is my book blog.

I love reading, I have always loved reading. My mum used to drop me off at the library when I was young, go shopping and then come back for me later. That was my happy place. I would spend all day in the library reading voraciously. When I became a mother, at first I stopped reading, I had to, I had no time. But then I found audible and it transformed my reading life. I am now able to read 50-70 books a year, whereas before it was probably about 12 a year. I still love sitting in a comfy chair, in front of an open fire and read an actual physical book, but I only have odd days where I am free to do that, so audio books it is most of the time.

I am willing to read anything; that’s why I started a book group at work called Bookworms, this pushed me out of my comfort zone. Now I truly read all sort of books because I don’t get to choose them. When I do get to choose, I probably choose more non-fiction than fiction, maybe 60% non-fiction. I think because I love to learn, and with non-fiction I get to do that. But there is also nothing like being carried away into some fantastical fictional journey. I love classic novels, particularly Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. I love authors such as Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, Bill Bryson, Kristin Hannah, Jodi Picoult, Jojo Moyes and I tend not to tell too many people how much I love Maeve Binchy and Barbara Taylor Bradford too (shhhh don’t tell) because they are just so uncool, but tough, I love their books, and have re-read them many times.

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