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I love to read classic novels; though some are better than others. I once challenged myself to read 12 classic novels in 12 weeks – it was tricky but I managed it. I have to admit that I found this book a little slow to start with but then it really took off and I loved it! And I read the physical book, which is rare for me.

I am a huge Jane Austen fan and particularly love Pride and Prejudice, however, I have never read any of the spin-off books based on Austen before, and there have been many, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, it felt like in some ways it picked up where Pride and Prejudice left off (although technically the story starts before Jane meets Bingley). Therefore I did not enjoy the early part quite so much; but then all four girls get married, and Mary is left alone to fend for herself, so to speak; and has to rely on the kindness of her family. She tries living with each of them, one at a time with different difficulties; and then she settles and she finds herself eventually torn between two men. It is very exciting and very Austen.

I love how Mary’s character really comes alive, but authentically; I love how the author uses Austen’s language and it feels true to the original. I love that Mary is bookish and learned, and craves to learn and to discuss what she has learned with others – I very much see myself in her in this respect being a voracious reader and learner myself.

I love how she finally tells off Miss Bingley – now that felt good, she was finally put in her place. The Gardiners are lovely and I enjoyed how well they took care of Mary and took an interest in her that no-one else did.

The quote that best sums up the book, is thus:

“Our happiness depends on ourselves”

If you love Jane Austen, romance or historical fiction and can get past the first few chapters, you will love this book.

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