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This is just a mini review, and I am writing it because I don’t think I have left a bad review on my blog – as yet. So for the sake of balance, I would like to give a quick bad review of this book.

Now it is an autobiography and it was narrated by the man himself. He has a nice voice, so I do not have a problem with the narration. What I have a problem with is the fact that this guy comes across as the most arrogant, self-serving, self-satisfied, annoying and juvenile men I have had the displeasure to read about – and I read the biography of Steve Jobs! Please do not let any teenage boys read this book, as it kind of gives them permission to break the law and do bad things. I don’t think he realises the power that he has as a celebrity.

Another thing I detested was his continued references to his wet dreams! I mean how gross is that? I almost switched off after the third wet dream. I am sure that Matthew knows he has a lot of female fans; since he talks a lot about how much money he made from romonatic comedies. He does not know women at all if he thinks we are willing to listen to men talk about their wet dreams. So I am moving on.

I did persevere with the book though, it was compelling in its disgustingness and I still kind of wanted to find out how he managed fatherhood etc. The book became less obnoxious after he had kids (in the book) although there are still too many “bumper stickers”.

There is almost nothing about his movies, or the other actors that he acted with, again this leads me to think he wrote the book for himself, rather than his fans.

I read a lot of autobiographies and this is the first time a famous person has come across as annoyingly arrogant and has made me like them less. In almost every case, I tend to like the person more after I have read their books. If you are looking for some good autobiographies, here are some of my favourites: Kris Kardashian, Rob Lowe, Steve Jobs, Dawn French, Demi Moore, Gary Barlow, Andrew Ridgeley/George Michael, Sue Perkins, Gordan Ramsey, Lamor Odom, Amanda Owen, Melanie Brown, Sally Field, Kevin Hart and Freddie Mercury (biography).

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