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I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book, though I find mythology interesting, I tried reading Stephen Fry’s Mythos and didn’t finish it. Perhaps because Mythos was a bit heavier being a non-fiction book, whereas Circe is fiction. Though the story of Circe is told with non-fictional elements, the story created around what is known about Circe and her family (assuming these were real, of course it is mythology) is created by Madeline and I found the story well written and fascinating.

The book was a little slow to start with (for me), so hang on in there at the start, but once she gets shipped off to her own island, I found from then on it got more interesting and the story was pacier. It’s interesting as she comes across famous creatures from mythology, it’s almost like name-dropping all the famous people she knows. She comes into contact with Helen of Troy, Minotaur, Odysseus, Icarus and so many more. It is great to read little bits about these other Gods and how they relate to Circe and her story.

The general storyline is that Circe is the outcast in her family, her father Helios and mother (sea-nymph) Perse as well as her many siblings ignore her mostly and tell her how unremarkable and ugly she is her whole life. Eventually Zeus banishes her to a deserted island and it is here she learns to become a witch, a super powerful witch who can turn men into the pigs (and yes they definitely deserved it), be aware that something happens to her that may trigger you (abuse), though it goes into very little detail. Eventually she has a child who she struggles with during his childhood but then he brings her a lot of joy and her love for him helps her to become even more powerful. I love the character arc of Circe, from the outcast, forgotten and down-trodden daughter to the one with all the power, able to battle the most powerful Gods.

Though she is not liked by most of her family through the book, I found Circe very likeable, and the narrator on Audible has a good voice, very pleasing to listen to. I haven’t read Madeline Miller’s first book “Song of Achilles”, however now I would like to.

I would definitely recommend this book.

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